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Winter preparation of your chalet, maintenance of sealant and window frames, cleaning of the exterior cladding and many tips for maintaining your chalet can be found on this page.

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Maintenance of window frames
Maintenance of sealant
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Chalet placement

What should I take into account when placing the chalet?
  • The substrate (foundation) of the chalet is very important, it must be well prepared for placement of the chalet. Your chalet must be placed level at the right points.
  • Make sure that your chalet is always at least 20 cm above ground level. The outer walls of your chalet are completely insulated. To be able to remove moisture, we use an air cavity which is located behind the exterior cladding of the chalet. The moisture will be removed by vertical air currents. The underlay must always be at least 1 cm free from the bottom of the chalet and placed behind the air cavity. The cavity must remain free of obstacles.
  • Make sure you have a manhole to be able to go underneath the chalet at all times.

Cleaning exterior cladding

How can I best clean the exterior cladding?
  • Never clean your exterior cladding with a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Cleaning is best done by using a soft car brush/sponge with water and green soap or a mild car shampoo with wax. Plastic exterior cladding can also be cleaned very well, for example, with 123 Flash products, which are available from good caravan shops.
  • Minor (paint) damage is best taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Roof gutters should be periodically inspected/cleaned.

Maintenance of window frames

How can I best maintain the window frames?
  • ARCABO chalets are equipped with wooden or plastic frames, which are virtually maintenance free except for the latches, hinges and window rubbers.
  • By periodically spraying your hinges and locks with WD40 or Teflon, the handling will remain smooth.
  • The window rubbers can occasionally be lightly rubbed with talcum powder or glycerine as to avoid them sticking, especially if you do not use your chalet for an extended period of time.

Maintenance of sealant

How can I best maintain the sealant?
  • The sealant needs to be checked every year and will have to be replaced on average every two years.
  • When replacing the sealant seams we advise you to pay attention to the following:
    1. Remove old sealant residues and clean the sealant surface thoroughly.
    2. Degrease the seam with benzine, for example, and let it dry for a while.
    3. Apply the desired sealant and make sure that the spout is slightly slanted.
    4. Spray the seam directly with water mixed with a little washing-up liquid.
    5. Remove excess sealant with a damp tea towel.
    6. Then smooth the sealant seam with a wet finger.


What are the recommendations regarding the ventilation of the chalet?
  • Ventilation of your chalet is very important. Too much moisture in your chalet can lead to condensation on windows and cold spots where there is no airflow, which can ultimately lead to the formation of mould.
  • The ARCABO chalets are equipped with ventilation grilles as standard. We advise you to always leave these grilles open, even in your absence.
  • Make sure that the cavity space is never closed. (also see placing a part).
  • Ensure sufficient airflow underneath the chalet so that the construction remains air dry. (also see placing a part).
  • We recommend that you do not set the thermostat of your heating (if available) below 12 degrees in case of absence.

Geyser/Central heating system

  • Both a geyser and a central heating system require annual maintenance.
  • We advise you to sign a contract with a local installer for annual maintenance.
  • If the geyser/central heating system malfunctions in the first year after delivery, you can report this to our service department. After the first year, you can report service requests to the person who maintains your geyser/central heating system.

Getting ready for winter

I want to make my chalet winter ready, what should I keep in mind?
  • The water supply pipe under your chalet is sensitive to frost. If you are not present during the winter months, you must also drain this pipeline, in consultation with the park manager.
  • If the water pressure remains in the pipe, you can protect the pipe with a thermo ribbon (electrical pipe heating).
  • If your chalet is not heated, you must drain and purge all pipes.
  • Even if the central heating system remains on during the winter period, the temperature is very decisive (12-degree recommendation), in order to prevent the formation of humid air/dew point in the chalet.
  • We recommend filling your central heating system with antifreeze (glycol).
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