Informal care home

Wouldn't it be wonderful for you as a caregiver to have your parents in need close to home? With an informal care home in your garden, you can get to them quickly when something is wrong. A very comforting notion. For your parents it is nice to have your care in a familiar environment with sufficient privacy.

Below you will find our options for a informal care home, almost all of our mobile homes are adaptable to your care needs.

Informal care terms and conditions

An informal care home can be built without a permit, always ask your municipality about the local conditions. The government has drawn up conditions that must be met. We have listed the most important conditions for you here:
  • The informal care home may only be placed at an existing home in the backyard area.
  • The informal care home has a maximum size of 100 m2.
  • For a mobile informal care home that is placed outside the built-up area, there are no additional preconditions for the building surface area.
  • If there are doubts about the informal care relationship, the municipality may request a statement from the general practitioner, district nurse or other competent person/authority.
  • Is the informal care home within 4 metres from the main house: Then the care home may not be higher than 5 metres, but may also not be higher than the main house.
  • Is the informal care home at a distance of more than 4 meters from the main house: If the care home is higher than 3 metres and has a sloping roof, the roof height may not exceed 3 metres.
To check whether your building plans are free of permits, please visit

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