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Because of Covid-19 we only work by appointment and we will temporarily give no longer guided tours in the production halls.

We will gladly give you a tour of our beautiful showroom which offers a fantastic overview of models. Experience the quality and space of the models and the differences between our 'basic' chalets and the most luxurious models.

The possibilities in terms of interior, materials, upholstery and colours are endless. We are more than happy in taking the first step together towards the holiday home of your dreams.

Your chalet, a second home, where you can enjoy each and every moment to the fullest.

ARCABO works according to a four-step plan:

  1. Search for a location
  2. Choice of your ARCABO chalet
  3. Chalet composition
  4. Organising transport and placement

Current showroom chalets

Arcabo Sanitaire units

Sanitaire units

Number of rooms: 1
Surface: 8.75m2
Arcabo Chalet New Bay

New Bay

Number of rooms: 3
Surface: 62,1m2
Arcabo Chalet Basic XL Lessenaarsdak

Basic XL Lessenaarsdak

Number of rooms: 3
Surface: 42m2
Arcabo Chalet “Tiny House” Loft

“Tiny House” Loft

Number of rooms: 1
Surface: 26,3m2
Arcabo Chalet Miami


Number of rooms: 3
Surface: 34,4m2
Arcabo Chalet Woodlodge


Number of rooms: 1
Surface: 10m2
Arcabo Chalet Green Bay

Green Bay

Number of rooms: 3
Surface: 39,2m2
Arcabo Chalet Lodge


Number of rooms: 3
Surface: 32m2
Arcabo Chalet Duinlodge


Number of rooms: 2
Surface: 37,8m2
Arcabo Chalet Orlando


Number of rooms: 3
Surface: 31,8m2

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