Chalet Newbay - Surface
62,1 m2
Chalet Newbay - Size
1300 x 490 cm
Chalet Newbay - Number of rooms
3 rooms
Chalet Newbay - Price
Price on request
Chalet Newbay - Download the free brochure Download the free brochure

Chalet Newbay

The artistic New bay is a chalet with an interesting layout. The model is a feast for the eyes and offers plenty of space to fully relax, both inside and outside. This complete, high-level bungalow offers plenty of light and views as well as lots of luxury and space through the large windows.

Photo gallery
Example & map
Chalet Newbay - Vuurtoren
Chalet Newbay - Duinen
Chalet Newbay - Fiets in de duinen
Chalet Newbay - Strand

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