18 September 2023

Motonext project reaches next step with bio flax shower cabins

The Motonext project of Ten Kate Racing and Project 1 has reached the next step. In collaboration with team partner ARCABO – a large chalet-building company – shower cabins made from bio flax have been developed that can replace traditional polyester.

On Thursday the 14th of September, the next step of the Motonext project was presented at Ten Kate Racing’s headquarters in Nieuwleusen. Together with ARCABO, a chalet builder also from Nieuwleusen, it has been realised that shower cabins can now be made from bio-flax. Until now, this has been produced from polyester but thanks to these developments, it can now be made more sustainable with the use of bio flax.

The ambitious Motonext project already saw Ten Kate Racing race with fairings made of bio-flax for the first time a year ago, replacing the usual carbon fibre. Then, earlier this year at the Dutch round of the World Superbike championship at the TT Circuit Assen, the next step was announced with the recycling of engine oil and the use of bio materials in brake pads.

The original target was to deliver a product applicable to industry by the end of 2024, which means the Motonext project is now a year ahead of schedule. However, it will not stop here and the Motonext project is entering its second phase. Important focus points from here on are reducing noise levels without loss of power and reducing energy consumption when warming up tyres. Together with Motonext, Ten Kate Racing is thus leading the way in making motorsport more sustainable.

Ronald Ten Kate – owner Ten Kate Racing: “For several reasons I am super proud of the results of the Motonext project. Whereas racing always had a major role in the development or application of new materials or techniques (ABS, Traction Control, Carbon composites etc.), this has become less so in recent years. We wanted Motonext to fill this vacuum.

The current modern internal combustion engine and racing with it is not yet written off as long as we keep developing with the possibilities of our time. In addition, we wanted to develop technology and/or products that can also be used outside the motorbike racing world. We have succeeded in both these objectives and that too within a short time frame, from idea to product within 3 years!

In the short term, more products will be launched that originated from Motonext, the wheels are getting rolling. Needless to say, I would also like to thank all our partners for their passionate commitment during the development of the new technologies and materials.”

André Bloemert – ARCABO: “For more than 25 years, ARCABO in Nieuwleusen has been a specialist in building moveable recreational homes, also known as chalets. ARCABO’s customers are spread throughout Europe, the main markets being the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. As a loyal sponsor of Ten Kate Racing, ARCABO heard about the Motonext project and its two main spearheads at the end of 2021:

What can be done now to make mobility more sustainable.
How can we ensure that the results of this motorsport project are readily available for general use.
In September 2022, Ten Kate Racing successfully tested the first prototypes of the sustainable fairings. After this, ARCABO worked with Adel Polyester in Genemuiden to see if the materials of the sustainable fairings (especially bio flax) could also be used for the shower cabins at ARCABO.

ARCABO has been processing polyester shower cabins produced by Adel Polyester for many years. These shower cabins are ideal for chalets intended for recreational rental. They require virtually no maintenance, have no kit seams and are therefore easy to clean which is ideal for recreational rentals.

The use of bio flax instead of polyester material contributes to the further sustainability of ARCABO’s chalets, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to the polyester shower cabin.

Now, September 2023, just one year after the first test in motorsport, ARCABO together with Adel Polyester and Ten Kate Racing is applying the results in this prototype shower cabin with bio flax. This marks another step towards fully bio-based construction.”

Bron: https://tenkateracingsbk.com/motonext-project-reaches-next-step-with-bio-flax-shower-cabins/

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