27 May 2024

Opening Lodgepark ‘t Vechtdal Sustainable Homes

At ARCABO we currently see a clear commitment to sustainability and a trend towards environmentally friendly homes. For a customer from Oudleusen, Lodgepark ‘t Vechtdal, we were able to develop and supervise a new sustainable project in accordance with the building code. This concerns an expansion with rental units that can also be booked together as group accommodation.

The models and group rooms are built with sustainability in mind. For example, we have used environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies to minimize the ecological footprint, which is not only good for the environment, but also cost-saving. For example, energy is stored in a battery pack using solar panels. The chalet can be fused at 16 amps using the battery pack. This energy is used, among other things, for lighting the chalet and heating/cooling by means of air conditioning. Because the model is built according to building regulations and high-quality insulation materials are used in walls, floors and roofs to minimize heat loss, excellent heating or cooling can be achieved with little power.

These chalets embody the perfect mix of comfort, style and functionality, and are not only an example of craftsmanship, but also an example of how the recreation sector continues to develop.

Definitely a step towards the future for ARCABO. This development also makes it easier for many existing parks to renovate with more sustainable solutions. Thanks to the battery pack, it is not necessary to install a new electricity network. Building in accordance with the building code is also a development that we can apply well in our production. Building the future together.

The new part of Lodgepark ‘t Vechtdal was officially opened on May 22 and the first guests will stay in the new accommodations this summer holiday.

As a business entrepreneur, are you curious whether this is also something for you? Or would you like to see it in real life, please contact us. We are happy to inform you.

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