7 November 2022

Is your chalet ready for the winter?

Is your chalet ready for the winter? Check here or below for some tips!

Getting ready for winter
I want to make my chalet winter ready, what should I keep in mind?

> The water supply pipe under your chalet is sensitive to frost. If you are not present during the winter months, you must also drain this pipeline, in consultation with the park manager.

> If the water pressure remains in the pipe, you can protect the pipe with a thermo ribbon (electrical pipe heating).

> If your chalet is not heated, you must drain and purge all pipes.

> Even if the central heating system remains on during the winter period, the temperature is very decisive (12-degree recommendation), in order to prevent the formation of humid air/dew point in the chalet.

> We recommend filling your central heating system with antifreeze (glycol).

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